2019 LOVE Award

We did it! We are the proud recipients of a 2019 LOVE Award from Main Line Parent Community for Best Exterior Remodeling Company. From Philadelphia Family/Main Line Parent site the guidelines were: “Instead of honoring the businesses who were able to get the most votes, we want to honor those who had clients and customers willing to […]

Factors to Consider When Deciding on Your Kitchen Window Replacements

Whether you consider yourself to be a culinary expert or you only use your kitchen to microwave leftovers, a window replacement in your kitchen can make a huge difference in how it looks and feels. However, knowing which windows fit your kitchen can be challenge. To make your life easier—and to ensure you’re choosing the […]

Mother Nature and Your Home: How Snow and Ice Can Impact Your Roof

You may love the winter weather, but no one likes dealing with the issues that snow and ice can present you roof. At Rutter Roofing, we are here to protect your home from those troublesome winter elements. Let’s take a look at a few common problems that could affect your roof as winter weather quickly […]

How to Safely Hang Holiday Lights on Your Roof this Holiday Season

Santa may be able to walk all over your roof, but unless you’re Old Saint Nick himself, you’re going to want to take some safety precautions when it comes to hanging up the lights on your roof. Not to put a damper on your holiday jolliness, but approximately 15,000 people experience decoration-related incidents each year. […]

4 Tips on How to Care for Your Siding this Fall

Whether your siding seems to be in prime condition or poor condition, fall is the perfect season to give it a little extra attention. No matter which type of siding you have from vinyl to fiber cement, siding is meant to protect your home and be visually appealing. The siding experts at Rutter Roofing want […]

How Gutter Maintenance Can Help Prevent Costly Damage

When it comes to your home’s gutters, their importance is often overlooked. The main purpose of your gutters is to push water away from the foundation of your home. If your gutters are clogged or blocked, they will not be able to do their job of protecting your home. With Fall in full swing, it […]

Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips

Fall is upon us once again! This means that your schedule might be getting a little crazy. From the kids’ school schedule and activities to your work schedule, it can be difficult to pay close attention to the features of your home. However, one aspect of your home that you should make sure is in […]

Rutter Roofing Donates New Roof to Local Deserving Family

Rutter Roofing has donated a brand new roof replacement to Belinda Greiner of Ardmore as part of our Peace of Mind Program. Belinda, an active community and church volunteer who has fallen on hard times was recommended by a friend, Jennifer Iannucci, to receive assistance for her failing roof. A local photographer, Ann Marie Casey, suggested that they reach […]

Rutter Roofing Named Best Roofer on Main Line by Main Line Media News

Rutter Roofing is proud to announce that we have been named BEST ROOFER on the Main Line by the readers of Main Line Media News for another consecutive year. The Readers’ Choice Awards gives the readers the chance to say “thank you” to local businesses for providing great quality products and services. We are honored […]

4 ways you might accidentally void your roof warranty

Before installing that new satellite dish or skylight, make sure you can do the work without turning your roof warranty into a useless piece of paper. Homeowners sometimes neglect to think about their warranty. Roof warranties vary — what voids one may not negate another — but all homeowners should follow the same advice before […]