How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows and Doors?

5 Signs for Replacing WindowsWhile your home may not be able to tell you when something is wrong, it can display signs of distress when something isn’t right. Your windows and doors can be particularly informative, presenting you with clues as to when you should consider replacing them. Most newly installed and well-maintained windows and doors can last over 20 years, but there are a few factors that play into that (like where you live). If your home’s exterior features are over 10 years old, it’s time to take a look and listen carefully at what they’re telling you, so you’ll know when it’s time to replace your windows and doors. The experts at Rutter Roofing are sharing some signs you should consider and be on the lookout for.



Have you ever sat next to a window or walked by your front door when they were closed and felt a cool breeze? If your answer is yes, you’ve already solved half of your problem. While the draft can be caused by several factors like poor installation, cheap materials, exposure to extreme weather or faulty seals, it’s something you’ll want to address as soon as possible. A drafty window or door can allow hot or cool air to escape from your home while letting in the outside temperatures. Avoid an increase in your energy bill by having your drafty windows or doors replaced by a professional.


Difficult to Open or Close

If your daily workout includes propping up your old window or yanking open your front door, it’s time for a replacement! Sticky doors and windows can be the result of improper installation, rust or rotting. Ensure your home’s safety is always a top priority by installing windows and doors that are easy to open, close and lock.


Condensation, Moisture Build Up, or Cracks

One of the simplest signs your front door or old window can display when they need to be replaced is moisture buildup. Windows and front or side doors with double paned glass can become frosty looking once the seal fails, allowing moisture to build up between the panes. Once this occurs, your energy efficient window or door is now no more. Another obvious instance is cracked or broken glass, which invites air from the outdoors to sneak in.



Improper sealing can result in little protection from the sounds of the outside world. If you can hear your neighbor’s dinner conversation, your windows or front door could be poorly made or improperly sealed and need to be replaced.


Weathered, Warped, or Water Damaged

If your windows or front door are showing obvious signs of deterioration, it’s time to call in the professionals. Weathered and warped frames are often caused by regular wear and tear and water damage and are oftentimes beyond repair. Your window frame may start sagging, which can indicate rot or mold is present.


Aesthetic appeal

Looking to go from boring to bold? Consider upgrading the aesthetic appeal of your home and boost its curb appeal by replacing your front door and installing new windows. At Rutter Roofing, our team only uses the best in materials, like Pella’s wide variety of premium windows and doors, to ensure your home looks great and is well-protected.


How Rutter Can Help

At Rutter Roofing, it is our mission to protect your home. If you’re wondering when to replace your windows or when to replace your front door, know you can trust in our team to assist you with any questions and be available to you every step of the way. So, when it’s time for a front door replacement or window replacement, know you can count on us to deliver a job well done, quickly and affordably. Contact the professionals today at Rutter Roofing for all your home improvement needs.