3 Reasons Roof Maintenance Is Necessary In The Winter

shoveling on a roof


Ready or not, winter is here! As temperatures begin to drop and the likelihood of snow increases, it’s important this season to ensure your property is prepared to withstand any weather conditions that can come our way. While many people tend to think the spring is the most critical time to check on the status of their roofs, winter has proven to be the optimal time for making necessary roof repairs. Between the harmful impacts of snow damage to roofs and the negative effects of below-freezing temperatures on our home’s exterior, winter roof maintenance is vital to avoid any costly issues in the long run. Check out these top three reasons why winter is the time for roof maintenance:


‘Tis the Season for Roof Damage

Despite popular belief, winter is the season when most roof damage takes place. Due to all the snow at this time of year, the added weight can cause severe damage to residential roofing, especially to roofs that are already in poor condition as is. No matter the size of a roof’s flaw, snow damage to roofs can occur when least expected. To cut back on the chances of your roof falling victim to snow damage, schedule at least one or two roof inspections every year with one of them being at the beginning of winter to ensure your roof is well-prepared to handle any amount of snowfall that is to come. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Melted Snow On Roofs Are No Joke

If you thought solid snow can be damaging to your property, the melted snow can be just as harmful. Not only is the weight of snow something to look out for but when the snow melts and creates water on your roof, but you’ll also want to make sure there are not any cracks or holes on your roof that can cause leaking into the interior of your home. If your roof’s flashing is impacted in any way and not functioning properly, it can cause water to leak into your home. Roof leaks take a while to notice and when you do notice that your roof is leaking, the damage has already begun. Making roof inspections and roof repairs as part of your winter roof maintenance checklist can prevent roof leaks from going unnoticed, which can save you an abundance of money in the long run!


Clogged Gutters Stand No Chance Against Melted Snow

As an essential part of your roof, your gutters are designed to carry melted snow or rainwater from off your roof and far from your home. When gutters are old, have flaws, or are clogged with debris, this can cause your roof to leak by stopping the flow of water off of your roof. Melted snow has nowhere to go and ends up pooling on your roof’s surface, which can leak right into your home if your roof is unprepared. While the best time to clean your gutters is in the fall, check on your gutters during the winter to better prepare for all the snow and wintery weather that comes with this season.


Is your roof currently free of any damages and your gutters debris-free? If not, now is the time to call on Rutter Roofing & Exteriors for exceptional and affordable roofing services designed to keep your roof structurally sound all winter long. Be sure to contact us today to stress less about your residential roof this season and for many seasons to come!