Carpentry Services & Repairs

Like our roofing services, we offer repairs for the rest of your home. If you think you notice any issue at all, contact us today! We take pride in helping our customers keep their home in great shape. From roof repairs to doors, Rutter Roofing and Exteriors is your go-to when it comes to maintaining the quality of your home.

Our repair Services Include

but are not limited to

Vent Collar Replacements

Proper venting is very important when it comes to the plumbing of your home. This particular vent carries sewer gasses from your home and releases it so your family can remain healthy and comfortable inside. Their collars typically last between 8-14 years. Ask us about using an ULTIMATE collar that comes with a LIFETIME warranty!

Chimney Reflashing

A chimney flashing is the sheet metal that keeps the intersection between the chimney and roof watertight. If there are any water stains on the ceilings in the vicinity of your chimney, you most likely need to install a new chimney flashing if the masonry is in good shape. Other contractors tend to cut corners by not replacing this flashing, or are not qualified enough to replace it. Making it a very common repair we perform.

Capping Blow Offs

The side of your home typically has a board that runs parallel to the roof called the Rake board. Covering this Rake board is usually aluminum capping. Damaged capping can cause damage to your property. If you see that your capping is missing or loose, you need to get it replaced.

Shingle Repairs

If there are water spots on the walls or ceilings inside your home, or rotted areas under your roof, you need to replace your shingles. Other signs that you may need to replace your shingles include: curling shingles, bare spots, broken or buckling shingles.

Slate Repairs

When a slate breaks off from a roof, usually, it will not cause an immediate leak. That is because the next slate will go underneath that gap and prevent the leak from occurring. Short term, you should be OK although this is not a given. Stay on top of slate repairs and have someone out anytime you see multiple slates in one area missing OR for every 10 or so slates you see missing/damaged or broken.

Skylight Replacements

Skylight replacements are perfect for those homeowners who love sunlight, fresh air, and low energy costs. Leaky skylights may be the result of a faulty installation or improper repairs. It is common for contractors to install these improperly which has not led to a common misconception of “skylights leak”. They do not leak when installed properly!