Common Causes for Gutter Overflow

At Rutter Roofing & Exteriors, we understand the importance of keeping your home safe and dry. But overflowing gutters can turn a spring shower into a nightmare. Here’s the thing; damaged or clogged gutters aren’t just a minor annoyance—they can lead to serious and expensive problems for your home’s foundation, roof, and even interior walls. […]

Top 5 Dangers of Not Cleaning Your Gutters

What is one task most often avoided by homeowners? Cleaning the gutters! While generally unpleasant, it is a necessary undertaking that should be done at least twice a year. Many people bypass checking this job off their to-do list because it involves continuously getting up and down a ladder, which can be potentially dangerous. But […]

Importance of Keeping Your Gutters Clean This Fall

While cleaning your gutters isn’t a task that’s typically on everyone’s fall cleaning to-do list, it’s an important project that should be completed before we head into the cold months of winter. Many experts suggest cleaning your gutters out at least twice a year—once in the late summer and then again in early fall. Regular […]

How Gutter Maintenance Can Help Prevent Costly Damage

When it comes to your home’s gutters, their importance is often overlooked. The main purpose of your gutters is to push water away from the foundation of your home. If your gutters are clogged or blocked, they will not be able to do their job of protecting your home. With Fall in full swing, it […]

New Soffit/Gutter and Shingles in Burnt Sienna

This recently completed Radnor job included replacing tree-damaged gutters and vinyl soffit and replacing the roof with Certainteed Landmark shingles in Burnt Sienna. PHOTOS BEFORE: Damaged Gutter and Soffit AFTER: Replaced Gutter and Soffit Landmark Shingles in Burnt Sienna with copper chimney flashing    

Gutters and CertainTeed Landmark Weathered Wood

This Collegeville job included new Landmark shingles in Weathered Wood, copper counter flashings along brick/stone sidewall and chimney, reflashing of the current skylight, and new 5″ K style gutters and oversized downspouts.