Importance of Keeping Your Gutters Clean This Fall

The Impact of Summer Storms on Your RoofWhile cleaning your gutters isn’t a task that’s typically on everyone’s fall cleaning to-do list, it’s an important project that should be completed before we head into the cold months of winter. Many experts suggest cleaning your gutters out at least twice a year—once in the late summer and then again in early fall. Regular cleanings can help extend the life of your gutters, prevent internal water damage to your home and outside garden beds, and even keep your roof in great shape. At Rutter Roofing, we had our experts put together a list of why the fall is an essential time to clear out your gutters.

Falling Leaves Can Cause Clogs

The first sign of fall is always marked with falling leaves. While this is a beautiful sight, all those leaves laying in your gutter can be disastrous for your roof, especially after a heavy rainfall. Try to clear out the piles of dry leaves before it rains, which can help prevent the most common problems.

Keep Out Nesting Pests

If you don’t manage to clear the leaves out before the rain, do so as soon as possible. Damp leaves sitting in your gutters can invite a host of unwanted guests to set up a home base inside of them! Many small critters, especially birds and rodents, are seeking shelter before the weather turns cold, and a bed of damp, dead leaves makes the perfect nesting site.

Stop Winter Weather Issues Before They Start

If your gutters are clogged before the first snowfall, ice and snow that melts will have nowhere to flow. This can cause water to seep through your roof—creating moisture that leads to roof damage and will require you to schedule a roof repair appointment. If leaves are left in your gutters when the temperatures dip down to freezing, all the debris caught in your gutters can freeze, causing your gutters to sag. The extra weight can cause your gutters to pull away from your house, or in the worst-case scenario, your gutters can completely fall down.

How We Can Help

Following these tips can help extend the life of not only your gutters, but also your roof! If you find yourself “falling” behind on your gutter maintenance this fall, contact us today for any gutter or roofing repair needs, and we will have our experts at Rutter Roofing come out and help you protect your house!