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Rutter Roofing is one of the top local roofing contractors in Montgomery County, PA! Our complete roofing company offers all different types of roofs for your needs. We have highly trained roofing technicians for all of the different types of roofing materials we offer. We only used the best and highest quality materials for our roofs. We also have unbeatable warranty packages. Rutter Roofing & Exteriors is a CertainTeed 5-Star installer. Roof repairs and replacements are so important for the integrity of your home, and we offer a wide variety of roofing services and different types of roofs that are great quality and made to help protect your home. 


Flat or Low Roofing

We have all different types of flat or low roofs! EPDM, Modified Bitumen, TPO, Peel and Stick, and Copper roofing. EPDM roofing is a durable rubber material and it resembles an inner tube that you might use at a water park. EPDM is completely waterproof. It will never peel or crack, and it is resistant to all types of weather, including sunlight or heat. We have it available in black and white. This is an incredibly popular roofing material in Montgomery County and we highly recommend it for many installations. Modified Bitumen is a single-ply rolled roofing material with a mineral-based surface. This roofing surface reflects heat, and it highly reduces energy costs. We have it in a smooth version as well that is usually coated with white or silver coating. This material is normally used on flat roofs that then use boxes or tubes to drain. TPO or thermoplastic polyolefin is one of the quickest-growing commercial roofing products in the industry! TPO roofing material is good protection against ozone, ultraviolet, and chemical exposure. TOP is white and has a slippery surface, it’s heat resistant, and the surface moves water quickly. Finally, Peel and Stick underlayments are great for your roof because they look amazing and complement a home that has asphalt single counterparts. Peel and Stick underlayments do not tear easily and they provide lasting protection through dangerous weather. 


Slope Roofing 

We are proud to offer all different types of roofs. We have Asphalt shingles, Natural Cedar, Standing Seam Metal, and Slate and Tile. Asphalt shingle installations are very common due to their low price points and because it’s an easy installation. Cedar will give your home a fresh and natural look. Cedar roofing is energy efficient and also lasts an incredibly long time. We are proud to offer the highest-quality cedar straight from Canada. Standing seam metal is a very popular metal roofing material for homes. Our standing seam metal is durable, nice looking, and a high-end upgrade. This roof has a lot of longevity and great quality from a more traditional style ribbed metal roof. Standing seam metal is usually used on small skirt roofs, accent areas, porch roofs, and bays. Slate and Tile roofing is a gorgeous European staple. It’s been used in fewer homes the past decade and if you do use slate and tile, your home will surely stand out!  


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