Top 5 Signs You Need a Window Replacement

signs you need a window replacementPicture this: it’s the middle of winter and you’re cozying up on your couch after a long day of work. As you reach for the remote, a chilly draft hits your arm. You turn around to see if your windows are open and to your alarm, they’re tightly shut. If this has ever happened to you, it might be time to think about replacing your old, drafty windows.

The windows in your home are tough, and with proper maintenance they can last for years. But even the toughest of windows will eventually experience deterioration. Ready to see if your windows need an upgrade? Our expert craftsmen at Rutter Roofing would like to share 5 telltale signs that you need to replace your windows ASAP.

Trouble Opening and Closing
If you’re wrestling with your windows, it might be time to replace them. Using pressure and force to pry your windows up or down is a sign for an upgrade. This is relatively common in older aluminum and wooden windows, as they are prone to swelling during temperature changes. Rot or rust can also make windows particularly hard to open.

Condensation Forms
When your windows fog up and the condensation hangs around inside the two panes of glass, this is a sign that your windows seals have failed. Before you call the experts to replace, realize that not all condensation is bad—depending on where the condensation is appearing on your windows, it might not be a cause for concern.

Feels Drafty
Even new windows will let in some outside air, but it should never be enough that you can feel or notice the draft. On the next cold day, stand next to the windows in your home. Is it significantly colder here than the rest of your house? Touch your windows. Does the glass feel cold? Not only is this a major sign to replace, it’s also extremely inefficient and can cause spikes in your utility bill.

Visible Signs of Damage
Deteriorating, leaking or decaying window frames are one of the clearest and easiest signals that it’s time to consider new windows. Often seen in wooden frames, moisture can build up and become a big culprit in the demise of your windows, causing decay and rot. Leaking or leaky windows can cause severe water damage and all that extra moisture will lead to much larger problems down the road like mold.

Outside Noise
Can you hear your neighbor’s conversations or cars passing by? This is due to your windows no longer being properly sealed or insulated. If your old windows acoustic insulation can no longer provide protection against the outside noise, it’s time to replace them!

How We Can Help
At Rutter Roofing, we want to help boost your home’s value, save you money on your bills and provide protection from the outside elements with new windows! Contact us today to schedule your window replacement before the temperatures drop and you’re left with a drafty home and higher than normal utility bills!