The Different Types of Roofs: Which Is Best For You?

Different Types of Roofing Materials
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Choosing a new roof can be a time-consuming and confusing process, so gathering all of the information beforehand can help when making a decision. The roof is what keeps your home protected, so it’s important that you spend time considering all of your options. There are many different types of roofs and roof materials to choose from, which is why Rutter Roofing & Exteriors offers you helpful information to ensure that you make the best decision based on your needs. 


Different Types of Roofs

There are two general different types of roofs: slope and flat/low roofs. For slope roofs, there are several options including asphalt shingle, natural cedar, standing seam metal, and slate & tile roofing. The Asphalt Shingle is very popular due to its easy installation and low costs. Rutter Roofing & Exteriors offers 25-Year Workmanship warranties as well as Lifetime shingle warranties for this option, so repairs come at no cost during the warrantied timeframe. The Natural Cedar has long-lasting durability and is very energy efficient. Not only do we install the most durable roofs, we also include a 30 to 50-year warranty package for every cedar roof installed. Standing seam metal is favored for metal roofs because it’s higher quality and longer-lasting compared to typical metal roofs. Most people choose this option if they are looking for a high-end upgrade. Lastly, there is slate & tile roofing, which has been a European style for years. If you are trying to restore your 19th or 20th-century home in its original form, this is the option for you. Choosing between these different types of roofs can be hard when you’re not properly informed, so spending time learning about them will help in your decision. 


Roof Materials

When remodeling your roof, you must look at the material used for your current roof, because you will most likely want to use the same type. If you determine you want a different type of material, you must consider other factors including color, texture, durability, and weight. The material used for roofing also varies based on the shape and type of roof you have, so this is an important factor as well. The following are the different types of material you can choose from asphalt, wood, metal, tile/cement, and slate. Asphalt is typically chosen based on its cheaper price and simple installation. However, the type of shingle chosen can affect the overall cost for installation, as laminated shingles are more expensive, but have a more attractive look. Wood has been the most popular choice for the material throughout history, and it still remains a viable, long-lasting option. Some areas do have fire codes against it though, and it can cost almost double the price of asphalt, so you must make sure this material will work for you before choosing it. Metal roofing is also durable, but is typically higher-priced, and can include materials such as aluminum, steel, lead, and copper. Tile and cement are typically used only for Spanish Colonials and Mission styles. They tend to be heftier than other materials, and more expensive too. Lastly, there is Slate, which is extremely durable in comparison to other materials. Slate can be recycled for installation as it usually lasts for centuries, but it is also a more costly option.


How We Can Help

Your house is not complete unless it has the proper roof to protect it, so checking on the status of your roof is something you should do often. If you determine that your roof is in need of repair or remodeling and you think to yourself  “What roofing company near me can help?”, then you are in luck because Rutter Roofing & Exteriors is available to cater to all your roofing needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so we can get your roof in tip-top shape!