4 Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

maintain your deckWarm weather will be here before we know it, and if you’re like anyone who’s endured a particularly cold, long winter, you’re going to want to spend some time outdoors this upcoming season on your deck. If you dream of BBQ’s, outdoor enjoyment, summer parties or late-night stargazing, our highly trained contractors have prepared this checklist that will have your deck ready for the warmer days in no time!

Look for Repairs

The first step in your deck maintenance checklist should be a thorough inspection. A harsh winter outdoors may have weathered your deck and you should check for signs of damage. Look for rot, mildew, popped out nails and signs of structural damage like loose railings. The constant freezing and thawing of ice, snow and rain can wreak havoc on wood decks so it’s best to hire a deck builder from Rutter Roofing for major repairs. If you have a composite deck, your upkeep should be minimal; but it’s still a good idea to inspect your deck so it’s in the best shape possible for spring.

Clean Your Deck

Before setting up your furniture, grill, rugs and deck plants, you’ll want to give your deck a thorough cleaning. You can use a high-powered leaf blower to remove leaves, debris and dirt. For hard-to-clean grime that has built up over the winter, try using a pressure washer. If grime and mold accumulate for long periods, this can deteriorate your deck. However, make sure you check with the manufacturer first before taking a power washer to certain deck materials to make sure it can handle the pressure used.

Seal Your Deck

If you have a wooden deck, now is the time to apply a new stain or sealer. A deck sealer is a finish that locks out moisture. It is typically transparent or clear and forms a protective barrier on the wood to reduce water intrusion. Clear deck sealers usually need to be applied every year and if you opt for a stain to protect your deck, you’re looking at reapplication every other year.

Liven Up Your Deck

Spring is the perfect time to introduce some new deck decor to your outdoor space! Liven up your backyard with new furniture, bright rugs, an umbrella or planters. Pick a fun color scheme and add some accent pillows, bold vases and pretty serving dishes for a complete look. Your deck decor can really enhance your home’s exterior and provide a relaxing haven for you and your family.

How Rutter Roofing Can Help

Ensure your outdoor oasis is fully prepared for spring with the decking services provided by Rutter Roofing! We not only offer impeccable roofing services, we also offer specialized exterior home improvement projects like new deck installations, deck replacements and even functional decking products like deck lights and railings. From initial design to installation, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a trusted deck builder, contact us today to transform your backyard with our services.