How to Safely Hang Holiday Lights on Your Roof this Holiday Season

Santa may be able to walk all over your roof, but unless you’re Old Saint Nick himself, you’re going to want to take some safety precautions when it comes to hanging up the lights on your roof. Not to put a damper on your holiday jolliness, but approximately 15,000 people experience decoration-related incidents each year. Here are three tips from the roofing experts at Rutter Roofing on how to safely hang up your roof’s holiday lights, so you can be merry (and your roof can be bright) all holiday season long.

Dealing with the Elements While on the Roof

Winter weather is unpredictable—rain, snow, ice, hail, frost—and you definitely don’t want to be walking through a winter wonderland when you’re up on your roof or ladder. Before you start hanging lights up on your roof, check the weather. If wet, cold or windy conditions are predicted for your chosen light-hanging day, the safest option is to postpone. And although Santa may fly in the night, it’s safest for you to hang lights in the daylight.

Follow These Hanging Procedures When You’re Up on the Rooftop

While you may want to handle hanging Christmas lights solo, the safest way to hang your roof’s lights is to have someone hold a ladder for you at all times. You should also make sure your ladder is sturdy and can hold your weight. If you have to walk on your roof, do as the reindeer do and crawl on all fours—this decreases your chances of losing balance. You’re also going to want to work in small sections so you don’t have to reach (and possibly fall) and wear safety attire (IE work gloves, long pants and long sleeved shirts).

Protect Your Roof When You Hang Your Lights

Although your safety when hanging your roof’s holiday lights is priority number one, it’s also important to take your roof’s safety into consideration. Hanging your holiday lights up with nails or staples can damage your roof—and potentially penetrate insulation and create electrical fire hazards—so use light clips instead. Whether you choose to clip your lights to your roof or gutters, light clips will make the installation process easier for you and ensure your shingles stay safe.

We hope that these special holiday tips help as you decorate your home this holiday season! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Rutter Roofing team!


*Rutter Roofing is not liable for any injuries suffered while hanging holiday lights*