How To Protect Your Roof From Snow and Ice

Protect Your Roof From Snow and IceWinter is here! While you’re inside cozied up on the couch with a good book or a hot cup of cocoa, your roof is out in the throes of winter—including below freezing temperatures, blustery winds, snow, ice and rain—working overtime to protect you and your family from the elements outside. The last thing you’ll want to be doing in a snowstorm is worrying about your roof and that’s why the experts at Rutter Roofing put together these smart tips to protect your roof from snow and ice this season!

Inspect Your Roof Before Major Snowfall
An inspection performed by a professional at Rutter Roofing can help spot any minor damages before they become major issues. Look for broken or missing shingles, areas that sag or anything that seems unusual. 

Remove Heavy Rooftop Snow
As the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours” and the same can be said about snow! If the weather forecast is predicting a particularly bad bout of inclement weather and your area is expecting heavy snowfall, have a snow rake ready. A snow rake is exactly what it sounds like—a long-handled rake used to remove snow from your rooftop. Most roof’s can support up to four feet of snow before feeling stress.  

Add Insulation
Adding insulation in your attic space can help melt snow and ice from your roof quicker. After a significant snowfall, look for spots on your roof with uneven melting snow indicating areas that may need a little more insulation. Not only that, a properly insulated attic can help keep your home warm this winter, saving you money on your heating bills. 

Keep Gutters Clean
Ensuring your gutters are free of debris, like leaves and sticks, can keep the melting snow and ice from freely moving off your roof. Gutters work with your roof and when they are blocked or clogged, your roof and the interior of your home can be at risk. Prevent leaks, sagging and the dismantling of your gutters by keeping them clean and clear. 

Fall and Spring Preventative Measures
After the last snowflake falls and the temperatures start rising, it’s a good time to call your local roofing experts at Rutter Roofing for all your needs! Good roof protection starts in the spring and fall months and it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional at this time. In doing so, you can fix any problems before they arise and ensure your roof is in the best condition before the first snow begins to fall. 

How Rutter Roofing Can Help
Baby, it’s cold outside! That’s why you should call the professionals at Rutter Roofing this season to ensure your roof is properly prepared for the imminent snow and ice. Whether you need us to perform an inspection, fix broken shingles or reflash your chimney, know the dedicated team at Rutter will get the job done so you’re not left out in the cold!