How to Properly Power Wash Your Siding

Dirty SidingA home with dirty siding is never a pretty sight. Luckily, there are ways to maintain the beauty of your home year-round. One of those options– power washing. Here at Rutter Roofing, we had our experts compile some helpful tips and tricks to make that house sparkle.

Stay Safe!

  • Do not use a ladder! Since pressure washing will wet the rungs of the ladder, and the pressure from the device may throw you off balance while you’re high up, it is best to do this with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Do use an extender nozzle for your pressure washer, or use scaffolding that is rigid and supportive. This is the best way to maximize the area you are covering.
  • Wear eye protection! Pressure washers blast dirt of surfaces which could come hurling in your direction. So protect those blinkers.
  • Power off exterior outlets you will be working near. Water and electricity don’t go well together, so shut of those power outlets to protect you and your home.

Which Pressure Washer Is Best?

Deciding which pressure washer to use can be tough especially when you have little experience in that area. While going for an electric pressure washer is an option, we recommend a gas powered one since they are typically more powerful. A good rule to keep is to use a pressure washer with a 2.3 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) or higher to have enough pressure to blast the dirt and mold right of your siding.

For the nozzle of the pressure washer, you typically want one that is either a 25 degree or 45 degree nozzle. These are the most effective angles for siding since they let you be able to clean off siding that is overhead, even from the ground.

Pressure Washing Technique

As simple as pressure washing may seem, there is a certain technique to it that will make it more effective.

  • Step 1: Start your power washer and give it a few blasts to make sure it is working properly
  • Step 2: Begin spraying your siding with the nozzle a yard away from the siding of your home.
  • Step 3: Keep the pressure flowing as you move the nozzle closer and closer to the house, until the washer is effectively removing the grime on the surface. Tip: Moving closer to the house than needed may accidentally damage the siding.
  • Step 4: Once you have the distance down, work from the top of your home to the bottom, since the grimy water will run down your siding to the ground.

Extra Tips

  • Use a detergent specific for siding to coat it before beginning to pressure wash.
  • Tape down any vents or opening you don’t want to get wet.
  • Move or cover up your property that could be at risk for getting wet or even damaged. I.E: Air conditioning units or outdoor furniture.

In Need of a Siding Upgrade?

If you are in the market for an upgrade to your home’s siding, contact #TEAMRUTTER! Rutter Roofing and we will send our experts to make your home look brand new!