How the Winter Weather Can Damage Your Roof

winter roof damageAs we quickly approach the first day of winter, we’re reminded how unexpected our weather can be in Pennsylvania during this time of the year. From unexpectedly mild days one week to freezing temperatures and snowy conditions the next, it’s vital to keep your home prepared for the unexpected. Heavy snow and icy conditions can cause severe roof damage, so it’s essential to know how to protect your property. Below, our roofing contractors explore how the winter weather can negatively affect your roof. 

Water Damage

During the more temperate days of winter, heavy rainfall can force water to collect under roof tiles, causing significant structural damage to your home. Another common winter roofing disaster is snow entering your home as it melts. Water damage from melting snow and ice typically happens around chimneys, the edge of the roofline, or the valleys. Another area of concern is your gutters. When ice builds up, it prevents water from draining properly from your roof. When the water has nowhere to go, it makes its way inside your home, causing extensive interior damage and potential mold growth. 

Snow Damage 

Another potential hazard to your roof is a heavy snow load. In some extreme cases, the weight of snow can cause a roof to collapse. Even a few inches of snow can melt into cracked or deteriorated shingles, causing significant damage. While a roof collapse is rare, it’s still a catastrophic event that can be avoided with proper snow management. Rather than allowing heavy snow loads to pile up, periodically step outside during a snowstorm and gently sweep off the accumulation with a snow rake. Never use rock salt or calcium chloride to melt the snow off your roof, as these compounds can damage shingles and even void any warranty on roof repairs or replacements. 

Ice Damage

Ice dams are another cause for concern. An ice dam forms when ice or snow melts and refreezes on the surface of your room. When this occurs, it can clog your gutters and cause a heavy buildup on the edges of your roof. The added weight and pressure from the ice dams can cause leaking and severe damage to your gutter system, like pulling away from your roof or complete deterioration.

Wind Damage

Winter can bring strong, blustery winds that can threaten the integrity of your roof. Loose or old shingles can blow off entirely, and powerful gusts can batter your roof with debris. In combination with heavy rain or snowfall and freezing temperatures, these weather conditions are a recipe for disaster for any roof, but older ones are more at risk.  

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