How Giving Back to The Community Fuels Our Business – Philabundance Edition

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Rutter Roofing Partners with Philabundance

Since the beginning, Rutter Roofing has adhered to the core values of Community, Leadership, and Service. Whether it’s providing a free roof installation to a Veteran on Memorial Day or partnering with TODAY is a Good Day to help families get through the NICU experience, we’re always proud to engage philanthropically and promote collaboration with our local communities. 


Over the past few years, we’ve identified Philabundance, one of the prominent local food outreach programs, as an incredible partnership opportunity for our team. Specifically, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and together with the entire Rutter community, we raised over $10,000 worth of food donations last year through the Philabundance Virtual Food Drive


Companies that give back truly do strengthen their relationship with their local community, inspire a sense of teamwork and engagement among employees, and work to make a difference. Below, we will further explain our 3 core values and how they relate to the missions of Philabundance! 


At the heart of any cause or charity, the focus should always be on using your strengths, your talents, your societal position, and your heart to positively impact the lives of others. As we’ve learned through our strong involvement with many local organizations, when we work together, we can accomplish so much more than we think! Philabundance, a local food outreach program started in 1984, works to ensure that nobody in our area ever has to go hungry, especially when so much food in our society seemingly goes to waste. The team at Rutter is privileged to be in a position to raise money through this integral food drive, and help those in our local communities who aren’t sure where their next meal will come from. 



At Rutter Roofing, we believe that companies that give back to their communities can set an incredible example for others. By partnering with such a great cause like Philabundance, we hope to inspire those in our towns, our customers, and our wider community to similarly give back and help make an impact on the lives of others. The more people we can reach through our participation in their food drives and fundraisers, the more lives can ultimately be touched and fewer of our neighbors spend another night without food or drink. True leadership is about acting selflessly and leading with humility. We strive to be a key figure for others to look at as an example and similarly offer their time, resources, and support. 



What’s great about Philabundance is that truly everyone can make a difference. Whether you’d like to make a financial contribution to the cause itself, donate specific food items that are of high popularity or high demand, or even donate your time toward packaging and quality control, your commitment will always have an impact! The key principle of service is not always about money, it’s about doing what’s in your power to help produce the best outcomes for those in need. Rutter Roofing is proud to not only offer incredible services to our customers but also do whatever we can to serve those in need.


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