Roofing Types to Consider for Your Home

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. It shields you from rain, snow, and the sun’s heat, keeping your interior safe and comfortable. But, like any shield, your roof must be strong and reliable. So, when it comes time to consider roofing services, choosing the best roofing materials can feel […]

Common Roofing Problems and How to Fix Them

Your home is one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime. Ensure it’s protected with a strong roof. Roof damage can be more than just an aesthetic issue; it can lead to costly repairs and even a replacement. Your roofing system is susceptible to storms, wind, sleet, and snow and won’t […]

How Long Does a Roof Last?

Undergoing a complete roof replacement is a major project for your home. It is an investment into your property that you want to make sure is getting a great return. When you trust an experienced roofing company like Rutter Roofing & Exteriors, you can be confident the installation will be done correctly regardless of the […]

Most Common Causes of Roof Damage and How to Prevent It

One of the most integral components of your home is your roofing system. Not only does your roof keep out the elements, but it also serves as a protector, keeping everyone and everything in your home safe. But, like most structural elements that make up your home, it won’t last forever. Over time, roofs get […]

Everything You Need to Know about Skylight Replacements

Adding a skylight is a great way to increase the natural light in your home. These features can add elegance and sophistication to any room! Deciding whether to simply repair your skylight or going through with a full skylight replacement is a tough choice. Our team at Rutter Roofing is here to help you make […]

Prepare Your Roof for Summer Heat

The harsh winter is finally over, and throughout Pennsylvania, we’re enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. April showers have come and gone, and your roof can finally get the break it deserves. However, summer storms and intense heat are right around the corner, and both can cause significant damage to an unprepared roof. To ensure your […]

Top Energy Efficient Roof Options

When the average person thinks of energy efficiency, they probably aren’t thinking about energy-efficient roofs. Roofs are most commonly thought of as protectors of the outside elements or just a standard part of every home that serves this primary function. In reality, the advancements in roofing technology today should alter the way people think about […]

The Advantages of Asphalt Shingles

Recent studies show that over 80% of American homes use asphalt roofing, and this percentage continues to grow every year. This fact should come as no surprise, as these roofing systems have been the most common type of roof in homes across North America for decades. At Rutter Roofing, we’ve worked on thousands of asphalt […]

4 Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, your roof is arguably the most important part of your entire home! Despite most homeowners rarely thinking twice about the functionality and safety of their roof, roofing systems are incredibly integral to protecting both the interior and exterior of your home. In the same sense, many […]

The 4 Most Important Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

Your roof protects your home, and more importantly, it protects your loved ones and valuable belongings inside. With that being said, choosing the right roofing contractor is arguably the most important decision you’ll have to make when it comes to your home. Think of hiring a roofing contractor as selecting a long-term partnership. For installations, […]