Be Cool: How a Window Replacement Can Keep Your Home Comfortable This Summer

window replacementThe heat of summer has come early, and if that doesn’t make you sweat, than maybe the thought of your increased utility bills will. Luckily, a window replacement is an easy and effective way to keep the summer heat at bay! The experienced craftsmen at Rutter Roofing have identified three ways a window replacement will help you keep your home cool and your wallet heavy, so you can beat the heat and enjoy your summer to its fullest.

Vinyl Frames Will Keep Cool In While They Keep Heat Out

A vinyl window replacement is one of the best ways to upgrade your home and keep the temperature controlled in the summer. Because vinyl windows provide amazing insulation, they make it nearly impossible for the cold air in your home to escape. Plus, as a cost-effective option, these windows windows will help you keep more money in your wallet while keeping the summer heat out of your home.

Triple Pane Glass Is a Triple Threat to Heat

When a window is equipped with more than one pane of glass, its energy-efficiency is much higher. If you’re looking to create the best defense against the heat of summer, then you should replace your windows with ones that have a triple pane. In addition to keeping the cool air inside your home, you’ll also receive the added bonus of decreased noise entering your home thanks to the multiple panes!

Low-E Will Low-Er the Heat in Your Home

Low-E, which is short for low emissivity, is an odorless and colorless application that is thinner than a strand of human hair, and it’s applied to the window glass during its manufacturing. Roofing, doors and walls are all common areas that allow heat to seep into your home, but thanks to this technology, low-e windows transfer that heat into its glass unit and block it from ever getting into your home. As one of the top solutions available today, low-e windows will provide you with energy-efficiency, a cooler home AND lower utility bills.

Ready to upgrade your windows and create a cool, comfortable environment in your home all summer long? Contact us today to schedule your window replacement so we can protect your home!