4 Tips on How to Care for Your Siding this Fall

Whether your siding seems to be in prime condition or poor condition, fall is the perfect season to give it a little extra attention. No matter which type of siding you have from vinyl to fiber cement, siding is meant to protect your home and be visually appealing. The siding experts at Rutter Roofing want to help you stay on top of your home’s siding this Fall! Let’s dive into a few helpful tips for maintaining your siding as the temperature continues to drop.

Inspect Your Siding

Regularly inspecting your siding is the best way to prevent costly siding repairs. If you see any cracks, gaps, holes, mildew or rotting, you’re going to want address it immediately. Other red flags to look for? The condition of the caulking between boards and windows. If there’s any missing, cracking or peeling, contact the Rutter Roofing team right away before any serious damage occurs.

‘Tis the Season for Repairs

Before the bitter cold of winter and everything that comes with it (ice, frost, snow, etc.) arrives, it’s best to take care of any siding repair needs you may have during the fall season. Taking care of your small siding issues now, such as dents, holes or cracked boards, can increase the life and efficiency of your siding, saving you money long-term.

Cleaning It Can Make a World of a Difference

If your siding looks less than stellar, it may be because it’s covered in cobwebs, dust, dirt, leaves and pollen. Luckily, taking warm, soapy water to it with a soft bristled brush can make a huge difference in its appearance. To make the job even easier, use a power washer–just be sure to use it on a low pressure setting to avoid denting your siding.

Check on Other Exterior Elements

Dryer vents, exterior faucets and gutters can all have a negative impact on the condition of your siding. Whether it’s humidity from a dryer vent, bursting of frozen pipes or moisture from clogged gutters, make it a priority this fall to check the conditions of these as well. Dryer vents should be facing away from exterior walls, faucets should be frost proof and gutters should be cleared of leaves and other blockages.

We hope that you find these tips helpful when it comes to your siding needs! If you are in need of additional assistance, Rutter Roofing offers a wide variety of siding options that both protect your home and look aesthetically pleasing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to replace, update and improve your home’s siding.