4 Signs of Winter Siding Damage

winter siding damageAs beautiful as winter is, it can do some serious damage to the exterior of your home. Freezing temperatures, howling winds and a significant amount of snowfall can all cause considerable damage to your home’s siding. While siding is aesthetically pleasing—adding beauty to the outside of your home—its most important job is to protect the interior of your home and keep the outside elements out. Avoid leaks, drafts and the headache of having to replace your siding this season by recognizing these common signs of winter siding damage.

Holes, Cracks and Breaks
If you notice holes in your siding this winter, it’s most likely caused by a furry friend taking up residence inside your home. Avoid further damage and unwanted guests by having your siding replaced as soon as possible. Cracks and breaks are most often caused by freezing temperatures, which can make your older siding brittle, resulting in cracks and breaks. Call the experts at Rutter Roofing to have any broken or cracked siding replaced. 

Missing or Loose Panels
Winter storms can be disastrous to your home’s siding. Heavy winds can cause panels to loosen—or worse, dislodge completely—leaving your home exposed to the outside elements. Avoid heat loss and moisture by having missing panels replaced immediately. It’s always a smart idea to walk around your home after a bad winter storm to check for loose or missing panels. 

Moisture Damage
The above-mentioned damages in your siding can all lead to moisture damage. Oftentimes difficult to spot, the easiest way to recognize water damage is to look for warped, peeling or cracked paint on the siding of your home. Moisture behind your siding can lead to rotting, mold growth and damage to your home’s foundation so it’s best to get this problem fixed immediately. 

Increase in Utility Bill
Have you noticed a sudden increase in your monthly utility bill? This can be a sign of siding damage. Siding helps to regulate the temperature in your home and any damage can cause heat loss and unwanted drafts. 

How Rutter Roofing Can Help
If you notice any of these signs of damage this winter, it’s best to call the experts at Rutter Roofing immediately. Compromised siding can lead to a host of annoyances and we want to do everything to help protect your home and everything in it! Contact us today for all your siding replacement needs.